Cancer Grand Challenges is a series of £20 ($25) million awards, that gives international teams of researchers the freedom to think differently, act creatively and explore truly innovative science to take on fundamental problems in cancer.

Why e-cigarettes?

Over the past 10 years, e-cigarette smoking has become increasingly popular. While e-cigarettes might help some people to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes, their overall risks and benefits are unclear. For example, it’s not clear what effects vaping – inhaling the aerosol generated by e-cigarettes – has on the body, especially in terms of our long-term health. And we don’t know how the increased use of e-cigarettes might be affecting society as a whole – particularly young people.

This Cancer Grand Challenge invites experts around the world to come together and take a global look at the effect of e-cigarette use. By bringing the field together, we can provide robust and impartial answers to crucial questions: how safe are e-cigarettes? Do they damage long-term health? And how might they impact our society?

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October 19, 2020.

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