Tobacco harm reduction proponents are urging Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to sign into law a bill that makes it easier for smokers to switch from cigarettes to less harmful nicotine products, reports The Manila Bulletin.

In a letter addressed to Duterte, consumers and harm reduction advocacy groups said the passage of the Vape Bill can save the lives of millions of Filipino smokers, “because legitimate alternative products will be allowed to be sold to smokers who want to stop smoking.”

The letter was signed by Vapers PH, Vaper Ako, Smoke Free Conversation PH, Nicotine Consumers Union of the Philippines, Philippine E-cigarette Industry Association, Quit For Good, Heated Equipment as Alternative to Traditional Smoking Philippines, PROVAPE, Philippine Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates and Consumer Choice Philippines.

The groups said that by passing the Vape Bill, the Philippines will join the growing list of progressive countries that believe in providing less harmful alternatives to their smoker population who don’t want to stop smoking.

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Tobacco Reporter – 2022-01-03.

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