Fantastically Corrupt | Vaping to COVID19, Has Public Health Lost Its Way?

(68mins) – Guest: Christopher Snowdon

It’s a hard thought to come to grips with the possibility that in the case of COVID19 (as in vaping) the western public health establishment is proving to be enormously incompetent or fantastically corrupt. There seems to be no other option to viably explain the repeated misuse of science, maligning of reason and brazen propaganda tactics deployed in an effort to grow power and strip rights from the public. What’s going on?

Joining us today is Christopher Snowdon, a celebrated author and libertarian champion for vaping, as a tool for harm reduction. In his latest book “Killjoys: A critique of paternalism” he unpacks the paternalist policies pumped by lifestyle regulators; a critique he now aims at the seemingly willful harm leveled by the western public health establishment as a result of COVID19.

First, they came for your vape. Now they come for your liberty. What can be done?

Find out!

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Live Streamed: April 15, 2020
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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