Meanwhile, Premier Stephen McNeil says all the data they’ve seen shows an increase in youth smoking rates, primarily the result of the widespread use of vaping

The Canadian Vaping Association is not on board with the provincial decision to ban flavoured vaping products.

Executive Director Darryl Temptest believes this will have little impact on youth uptake.

Last week, Nova Scotia became the first province in Canada to ban flavoured vaping products, with those restrictions set to take effect April 1st.

Temptest telling NEWS 95.7 this is deeply concerning on two levels.

“The first aspect for us, is that a full flavour ban will have very little impact on youth uptake, and the second is the impact it’s going to have on tens of thousands of Nova Scotians who have chosen vaping as a far less harmful alternative to combustible tobacco,” explains Temptest.

He continues, saying this will negatively impact both youth, and those attempting to quit smoking.

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Chris Halef – Halifax Today – December 9, 2019.

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