Lead paint, asbestos, heroin, and cigarettes were all once considered ‘safe’ by the U.S. government. But now we must not question their vaccine mandate.

Millions of hardworking Americans are being pushed into the shadows of society by corporations that have aligned with the Biden administration’s proposed vaccine mandates.

Workers are being forced to choose between their employment or sacrificing their religious convictions, free will, or well-being. Employers should not be so autocratic and hardline in their policies because, besides being inhumane and medically unnecessary, they could also end up being on the wrong side of history.

History is replete with times government and medical authorities got serious health issues wrong, reversing course on things it once considered safe. Lead paint and pipes, asbestos, heroin, and cigarettes — these are just a few notable examples.

In another example, the U.S. government was once the world’s biggest buyer of cigarettes. The U.S. Army’s chief medical officer, William Gorgas, pushed it to soldiers to sustain morale and discipline, calm nerves, boost alertness, foster camaraderie, and suppress hunger.

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Aaron Poynton – Conservative Review – 2021-10-12.

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