They’re called Juulers; teens who take video of themselves smoking a Juul, the vaping device that has the U.S. warning of an epidemic.

The number of Juulers in the U.S. and Canada is unknown since the company’s sales have surged 800 per cent over the past year alone, rendering all statistics void.

What industry watchers know is that after the Canadian government legalized nicotine in the flavour pods that fuel vape pens, vape stores have had a hard time keeping Juul and its competitors on the shelves.

“It’s mostly peer pressure,” explains 16-year old Cameron Prosic of Hamilton, Ont. “It’s a more of a social thing.”

Prosic is working to educate his fellow teens about the dangers of vaping. He says it’s become so prevalent in his high school that Juulers boldly vape inside the school. And while selling vape products to minors is illegal, Prosic says getting the product isn’t a problem.

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Mike Drolet – Global News – October 4, 2018.

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