Life Insurance For Vapers


Life insurance quotes are largely based on your age, overall health, habits and lifestyle choices.

If you are one of the 8.1 million American adults who uses electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as vapes, it is likely to affect your life insurance premium in a number of ways. Nicotine use is one of the biggest red flags that life insurance companies look for on your application.

Vaping can be detrimental to your health and many insurance companies are wary of insuring vapers due to the harmful physical effects of nicotine and the complications that can arise. If you are a vaper, you may want to know how vaping affects life insurance premiums, how it affects your health and how to get affordable life insurance for vape smokers.

How vaping impacts life insurance rates

A life insurance company is likely to charge a smoker significantly higher rates for a policy than a non-smoker. That means vapers who are healthy overall, with no pre-existing conditions or family history of illness, could still pay an extremely high premium because they vape. Due to the popularity of vaping, most life insurance companies put vapers in the same category as smokers when it comes to calculating premiums.

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Elizabeth Rivelli – Bankrate – 2021-06-02.

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