The ABC reported tonight the death of a Queensland man which was attributed to EVALI caused by vaping. Having carefully studied the case and the post mortem report, I disagree.

It is much more likely that the man died from advanced lung damage caused by 40 years of heavy smoking.

The 71-year old man had smoked a pack-a-day for four decades and had wisely switched to vaping 10 years ago. In October 2021 he developed increasing shortness of breath. He was treated with antibiotics but he continued to deteriorate and died several weeks later.

His MRI lung scan showed typical signs of emphysema caused by smoking, including multiple cysts and scarring of lung tissue. The post mortem examination confirmed these findings.

He had signs of infection (a raised white cell count and inflammation) and was treated with antibiotics. Blood cultures did not identify an infection but this is not unusual even when infection is present.

Read full article here.

Dr. Colin Mendelsohn – 2022-02-21.

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