PM Spied Vaping


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was seen vaping in Parliament Square as protesters rallied to protect e-cigarettes.

The campaigners are calling for government to stand up to the World Health Organisation, which continues to ignore science and attack vaping.

Not only does the UK lead the world in its approach to tobacco harm reduction by supporting switching to vaping for current smokers, but Planet of the Vapes has been told the Prime Minister himself vapes.

The PM was previously seen smoking a cigar after the birth of one of his children which, if he did that for each one, probably makes him a heavy user of tobacco. Joking aside, the Prime Minister was seen on a video screen, exhaling a plume of vapour as the trailer was towed around Westminster on Wednesday 8 September.

It raises hopes that he could be supportive of the UK standing up to the World Health Organization (WHO) later this year at its Conference of Parties (COP9) and promoting vaping to reduce tobacco related disease.

In November, at the COP9 on tobacco control, WHO will ask its member states to further restrict e-cigarettes, which Public Health England says are 95 per cent safer than smoking, are the best cessation tool and save countless lives.

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Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – 2021-09-22.

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