provision tucked into the Covid Relief bill passed by Congress in December 2020 now has vaping businesses and states regulatory departments scrambling to meet new federal requirements. And in many cases, it will increase the cost of doing business.

“For the vape industry, this was the worst Christmas present ever,” said Avalara excise tax expert John Beaty.

The provision added vaping products sold online and in vape shops to the Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking (“PACT”) Act, which regulates the sale of tobacco products. It means that anyone who sells, transfers, or ships e-cigarettes must comply with various complex registrations in every state they sell to, comply with various reporting requirements, and collect excise and/or sales tax in those states.

The industry was given just three months to comply (the amendment went into effect on March 27) or face stiff penalties.

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Liz Farmer – Forbes – 2021-04-28.

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