Daniel Davidzon: Frustrated by vague branding, industry insiders want Canadians to have easier access to trusted education

Last week, the National Post’s Growth Op reported the government of Ontario is paying internet media behemoth BuzzFeed for a series of cannabis education quizzes aimed at youth and road safety.

As Emma Spears wrote, the second quiz — The Most Stressful “Would You Rather” Quiz for Marijuana Users — features a variety of nail-biting choices. For example, “Would you rather realize you’re too high at … a family reunion (or) your college graduation?” and “Would you rather go home … in an overly chatty ride-share (or) in a van filled with extended family?”

In May, The Star Vancouver highlighted challenges facing the cannabis industry in educating Canadians, focusing on the strict limits imposed on the legal adult-use industry in terms of what it can tell consumers about the plant’s properties.

Frustrated by vague branding, a result of stringent federal regulations under the Cannabis Act — the law that legalized recreational cannabis use nationwide — industry insiders have spoken out about the need to provide Canadians with easier access to unbiased and evidence-based cannabis education.

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Daniel Davidzon – National Post – August 13, 2019.

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