Nicotine caps in e-cigarettes are at the center of the policy debate in Utah, once again.

The Utah Department of Health announced earlier this week that it intends to cap nicotine limits in closed-system electronic cigarettes from 5 percent to 3 percent. At that, the only reason why the debate is coming full circle once again is due to the Department of Health’s focus on responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Two years ago, the Department of Health compromised with the private industry to limit caps at 5 percent. However, the latest move comes as means that’s reportedly intended to protect minors from addiction and the uptake of nicotine use at a young age.

Walter Plumb, an attorney and the chair of the tobacco control group Drug Safe Utah, said he supports the Department of Health’s proposal to lower nicotine levels to “protect minors.” Plumb told Salt Lake City CBS affiliate station KUTV that “I’m more concerned with our 650,000 kids, K-12 in Utah…Youth addiction has really taken off.”

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Michael McGrady – – 2021-07-16.

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