The FDA announced today that 28 additional companies have been added to its list of manufacturers that have received marketing denials since its last update on Sept. 17. All the products receiving Marketing Denial Orders (MDOs) were flavored vaping products.

The total number of companies receiving MDOs for flavored product Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) is now 323. (An alphabetical list can be found at the end of this article.) The FDA says the denials cover nearly 1.2 million flavored products.

All of the new listings are small manufacturers. Since the FDA began issuing MDOs on Aug. 26, the vast majority have gone to small companies, with just a few issued to larger open-system manufacturers like Turning Point Brands and AVAIL Vapor. One publicly traded company that makes closed-system prefilled devices, Bidi Vapor, has also received MDOs for flavored products.

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Jim McDonald – – 2021-09-23.

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