Demolished | Clive Bates Talks Impact of Trump Flavor Ban | RegWatch (Live)

At any moment the Trump administration is expected to announce new policy intended to “clear the market” of flavored nicotine vaping products, in an effort to stem the so-called “epidemic” in youth vaping.

Many observers say the Trump ban could have a devastating impact on adult access and choice of flavored vaping products, products which they insist have proven essential in helping millions of smokers to quit.

What are the twenty things you should know about the U.S. flavor ban? Clive Bates, international tobacco control expert is here with the answers.

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Streamed: November 6, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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  1. Once again, Donald Trump has proven himself to be a colossal idiot. Flavor ban to reduce teen vaping? What an idiot.. Teens don’t vape for the flavor, they vape for the nicotine buzz, which is why most are using JUUL which has the highest nicotine content. Example a JUUL with 5ml fluid at 50mg nic per ml, contains enough nicotine to support a 4 to 5 pack a day smoking habit. Only Donald Trump could afford such a smoking habit.
    So you see, the problem is not flavors, the problem is the easy and quick buzz teens get from high nicotine levels. And that being the case.. the flavor wouldn’t matter at all. I am wondering how someone who is President of the USA is to stupid to see this??? GOD HELP AMERICA!


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