FALLOUT | Is Recovery Possible After U.S. Vaping Disaster? | RegWatch (Live)

Many observers liken it to the aftermath of a nuclear explosion. The bomb dropped in mid-August and over the past two-months the fallout, resulting from the so-called vaping-related lung illness, poisoned public perception of vaping and fueled a devastating chain reaction of e-cigarette flavor bans across the country.

Is there a possibility for the U.S. Vaping industry to recover? Today on RegWatch we hope to find out as our guest Chris Howard is a true industry insider. Howard is General Counsel & CCO at E-Alternative Solutions, he’s former General Counsel & CCO of Fontem Ventures (blu eCigs) and he holds a leadership role with the county’s largest advocacy organization, the Vapor Technology Association, where he’s Treasurer and Board Member.

If there are answers to be found, we have a good shot of finding them.

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Streamed: Oct 16, 2019.
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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