Great Vaping Reset | Canada Moves to Restrict Nicotine Levels | RegWatch (Live)

Another hammer has dropped on the Canadian vaping industry. The Federal government announced it is moving to restrict nicotine levels to a maximum concentration of 20mg/mL for vaping products manufactured, imported, or packaged for sale in Canada.

For many Canadian vapers, the proposed new limit would slash (by half for some) the amount of nicotine consumed when vaping and (by Health Canada’s own projections) cause some vapers to return to smoking.

In this episode of RegWatch Darryl Tempest, executive director and lead advocate from the Canadian Vaping Association discusses the impact of the proposed nicotine cap and provides a roundup of the fight against flavour bans and vape taxes sprouting up in provinces across the country.

It’s our last episode of 2020, don’t miss it.

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Live Streamed: December 22, 2020

Produced by Brent Stafford

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