Knock Out Blow? | Vaping in America Under COVID19 | RegWatch (Live)

Under assault by a killer pandemic and crushed by public health’s response, it has become the mantra of the moment: “We are all in this together!” While this statement is heartfelt, do governmental actions in the battle against COVID19 match the sentiment, when it comes to vaping in America?

The U.S. vaping industry has certainly stepped up in this time of need, by manufacturing hand sanitizers, delivering masks and servicing customers who rely on vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, yet the assault on vaping continues. As if stay at home orders and a national economic shutdown are not enough to devastate the U.S. vaping industry, flavor bans (such as the one in the state of New York) continue to wreak havoc and threaten lives across the country.

In this episode of RegWatch, we are joined by Tony Abboud, the Executive Director at the Vapor Technology Association, the leading lobby group for the U.S. vaping industry. Get the latest updates on the most critical issues, including the fight against state flavor bans, the status of FDA’s PMTA deadline, the slanderous linking of COVID19 with vaping, and the determined effort by public health to isolate, stigmatize and delegitimize vaping.

Are we really all in this together?

Find out, only on RegWatch by

Live Streamed: April 22, 2020

Produced by: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: DEMAND VAPE

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