‘Last Stand’ Special | Challenging Health Canada’s War on Vaping | RegWatch (Live)

It’s not an exaggeration to say Health Canada‘s proposed ban on flavours in nicotine vaping products will push hundreds of thousands of Canadians back to smoking because Health Canada freely admits this fact in the Regulatory Analysis Impact Statement for the proposed new regulations.

But if a flavour ban in Canada leads to more people smoking, it also means more suffering, disease, and death. Does Health Canada admit this troubling fact? Does the health regulator even care?

In this jam-packed special edition of RegWatch, we’ll dig into these questions. Joining us as co-host is national vaping activist Maria Papaioannoy-Duic from Rights4Vapers and guests include Shai Bekman, president of DashVapes Inc.; Luke Marshall, owner of County Vape; and David Levesque, founding partner of Digital Smoke supplies.

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Live Streamed: July 27, 2021

Produced by Brent Stafford and Maria Papaioannoy-Duic

*In partnership with Rights4Vapers

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  1. I am an American Vaper, I have been making my own liquids for 7 of the 11 years, I have vaped. I can see the point that this black market will further destroy vaping’s reputation, especially with mainstream media help, they are out to destroy vaping. It eats into phhaarma’s profits.

  2. Somewhere on casaa.org is the scientific analysis of a side by side study of how much nicotine is produced by smoking commercial cigarettes as vaping nicotine with flavors. The short answer is hardly any comparison. Teens will experiment, even though as an example, girls as young as 13 can be on birth control pills, then why are there so many teen pregnancies? Just because that’s why, “because we can”. Government “because we can” No humanitarian interests will survive the “me” generation already there, or coming into power.

  3. Hi Brent. Please forward Maria and the other two guys this question and two comments

    (1) Will the flavor ban allow for completely flavorless e-liquids? by “flavorless” I mean e-liquids made of the pure solvents: propylene glycol (PG) and glycerol (vegetable glycerin VG), plus nicotine and humectants. This is important because a foul choice of chemicals is likely to taste much worse than pure solvents. Also, for “do it on your own” (something unavoidable given an authoritarian prohibition) adding flavorings will only work if added on top of the pure solvents

    (2) I disagree with welcoming a nicotine cap of 20 mg/ml for all devices. Nicotine delivery is not only about concentration, the power of the device is a key factor. A high powered tank device needs less concentration than low powered pod devices or Juul to make heavy smokers titirate. A 20 mg/ml concentration on a pod device or Juul will not work for these smokers.

    (3) There is no factual evidence that Juul at 5.5% concentration addicts teenagers who otherwise would not vape or smoke. Demographic surveys (NYTS, Monitoring the Future, etc) show that very few never smoking teenagers are frequent users. Where is the addiction?

  4. If the government is so worried about the youth vaping and the youth health why are cigarettes still legal. How many choices or alcohol is out there yet still legal? I recently seen a post that there were quite a few children who got really sick from thc gummy candy but I bet that they won’t take those off the market since they are involved in the manufacture of them


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