Lip Service? | Pace of Cigarette Phase-Out Is Negligible | RegWatch (Live)

Despite touting a desire to change, a new report shows tobacco companies have made little progress in reducing the harm of combustible tobacco.

According to the recently released Tobacco Transformation Index, from 2017 to 2019 the world’s 15 largest tobacco companies achieved only a marginal decline in cigarette sales while continuing marketing practices that focus on boosting high-risk product sales.

In this episode of RegWatch we are joined by Dr. Derek Yach, President of the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World to discuss the results of the Tobacco Transformation Index and how this first-of-its-kind measure could help large institutional investors pressure tobacco companies into taking substantial action to mitigate the world’s smoking burden.

Are tobacco companies living up to their commitments to reduce harm? And, is the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control helping or hurting the effort?

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Live Streamed: October 6, 2020

Produced by Brent Stafford

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