Near Miss? | B.C. Vaping Regs Grow Provincial Patchwork | RegWatch (Live)

It is said nature abhors a vacuum and in regard to vaping regulations in Canada, this maxim appears to hold true. In the wake of the teen vaping epidemic and concern over the so-called “vaping-related lung illness,” provincial governments across the country have taken matters into their own hands by issuing a patchwork of new vaping restrictions intended to fill regulatory gaps left open by Health Canada.

The B.C. provincial government is the latest to drop a slew of new restrictions that are certain to change the way vaping products are produced, sold, and consumed in the province.

In this episode of RegWatch we are joined by Darryl Tempest, the Canadian Vaping Association’s Executive Director and Lead Advocate, for a detailed walkthrough and analysis of British Columbia’s new regs.

What will be the impact? Are these regs an industry killer?

Find out, only on RegWatch by

Live Streamed: July 22, 2020

Sr. Producer: Cindy Schmidt
Exec. Producer: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: FLAVOURART

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