Reckless Regulator | FDA Leaves U.S. Vaping Industry Mired in Chaos | RegWatch (Live)

Join RegWatch for a special live episode to unpack the reckless behaviour of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in its decision to delay authorizations of nicotine vaping products for controversial companies such as Juul. While issuing Marketing Denial Orders for millions of products manufactured and sold by thousands of small businesses operating in the U.S. market.

*Guests: Amanda Wheeler, Exec. Dir., Arizona Smoke Free Business Alliance & President, Rocky Mountain Smoke Free Alliance / Dimitris Agrafiotis, Exec. Dir. Tennessee Smoke Free Association / Phil Busardo, Vape Evangelist

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Streamed Live: September 10, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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  1. The benefit to public health re vaping is practically equal for flavors, tobacco or otherwise. The bench mark should be against the competing combustible tobacco products, which are easily proven magnitudes unsafer than any nicotine vaping. The bench mark of one Vape product against another is a gross violation of common sense, as the other option is cigarettes for adults or youth. Bureaucrats and ANTZ are unashamedly harming(fatally) the public, kids and adults, with their taxation/big tobacco/big pharmaceutical protecting regulation. Total discrimination. The MSA needs rewriting, to remove the cigarettes protected forever clause.

  2. Besides removing competition to high end companies (Big Tobacco, plus Juul and other large vaping manufacturers), there is a perverse rational motivation for the FDA effort to destroy the open vaping industry. The tobacco control technocracy (academics, bureaucrats, regulators, lawyers, etc) depends on the continuation of the “tobacco wars”. As long as there is an ongoing war against an evil powerful tobacco industry harming society they receive generous government funding (plus private funding from Bloomberg) and they are able to keep their jobs and status.

    The tobacco control technocracy needs for its self-preservation to be seen by the public and the political class to continue opposing tobacco companies that can be easily assimilated into the narrative of “Big Tobacco” threatening society, as in the 1990’s. Big companies like Juul and NJOY can easily made to fit this “Big Tobacco” profile, while the “mom and pop” small vape manufacturers and shops cannot. For this reason, the FDA (after all an instrument of the State) has been commissioned to destroy them by over regulation. Once the few closed pod systems from big vapor companies approve their PMTA’s and enter the market, the next chapter of the “tobacco wars” can begin, with new law suits (angry parents suing to protect their kids). Perhaps even a new MSA can be drafted.


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