Trump Card | FDA Deeming Regs On Chopping Block

With a stroke of the pen President Trump could take vaping out of tobacco and do away with the onerous FDA deeming regulations. Yes, repeal is that easy but replacing the regulations could be much harder—a winning vote is needed in both houses of Congress.

After fighting the Obama era FDA with little to no effect, fortunes may be turning in favor of the U.S. vaping industry as President Trump begins to make-good on his campaign promise to repeal onerous regulations.

Standing ready with new legislation to replace the deeming regs is Sen. Ron Johnson and Rep. Duncan Hunter, backstopped by a dedicated group of political operatives with connections that run directly into the White House.

Vapers in America could use a win…will they get it? Find out—only on RegWatch by – March 14, 2017.


Inside story behind Sen. Ron Johnson’s support for vaping



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