Trump Decides | Paul Blair Talks ins and outs of Trump Vape Ban | RegWatch (Live)

One would hope the forces allied against vaping would observe a cessation of hostilities and allow for a peaceful holiday season, but hope is all that it would be.

Over the holidays, in a series of surprise meetings and after a quick pass through the regulatory process, the Trump flavored vape ban moved from dormant to a fait accompli.

First to break the news was Paul Blair, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Americans for Tax Reform. Blair held the pulse of the process as the vape ban went from rumour to reality over the course of 10-days.

Joining RegWatch for our first episode of 2020, Blair walks viewers through the details of what happened, how it happened and what will the impact be on the industry?

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Live Streamed: January 6, 2020
Produced by: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: Demand Vape

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