Teen vaping and the use of e-cigarettes never stopped during the pandemic. There did seem to be a lull in usage during the pandemic — that lull seems to be gone and inhaling is back with a vengeance.

It’s time for health officials to resume the fight against vaping — that battle slowed during the pandemic. The numbers both nationally, statewide, and locally show the problem is at best holding steady and may be growing worse.

The Toledo Lucas County Health Department plans to resume outreach operations, and that’s a necessity. The department has a plan and a good one, taking the campaign back into schools.

Schools, churches, and retailers should fully cooperate and join the fight. The health of young people is worth the time and energy.

At least 3.6 million kids still use e-cigarettes and related products, even after a small decline in usage during the pandemic — that’s way too many. The products were pitched to youth and adults alike as a way to quit tobacco, but it replaces one addiction with another.

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Editorial Board – The Blade – 2021-06-17.

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