Dr. Patt Denning has been a leading harm reduction advocate for over 30 years. A co-founder of the Harm Reduction Therapy Center (HRTC) in Oakland/San Francisco, she is also a highly influential author.

Her first book, Practicing Harm Reduction Therapy: An Alternative Approach to Addiction, redefined the field and was an instant classic. Her second—Over the Influence: The Harm Reduction Guide to Controlling Your Drug and Alcohol Use, written with her partner Jeannie Little—also broke new ground and is a go-to guide for clinicians and people who use drugs.

Denning and Little have educated thousands of people in the US and abroad through HRTC’s workshops. During the pandemic, HRTC parked its van at mobile drop-in sites, COVID-19 shelter-in-place hotels and COVID-19 Safe Camping Sites—providing free therapy, hot food and bottled water to the city’s most vulnerable residents. In a few months, they will open a new harm reduction-based drop-in center in San Francisco. Their tagline: Come as you are. Take what you need. Leave when you’re ready.

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Helen Redmond – Filter – 2021-07-15.

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