When Taylor Cage attends the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) in Las Vegas every year, she keeps an eye out for the next hot product. Usually held in January, TPE tends to be a solid indicator for where the nicotine industry will go next.

In 2020, when Cage attended, “it was all about disposables,” she said. And the evolution of the industry that year—as well as the news coverage around it—certainly supports that claim. Puff Bar, which became the most villainized vape of this kind (used until they run out of e-liquid and then tossed away), briefly seemed to replace Juul as abstinence-only prohibitionists’ biggest target.

In 2021, Cage, a board member of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association, noticed another clear market trend blossoming. “I think we’re about to see a real explosion of pouches,” she told Filter, referring to the smokeless and usually spitless alternative nicotine products—packed with chewing gum-like fillers, sweeteners and flavorings—that you place between your upper gum and lip. “It’s on the horizon,” she continued.

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Alex Norcia – FilterMag – 2021-08-04.

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