December 4 , 2019, Toronto, ON: The Vaping Industry Trade Association (VITA) today called on the Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada (PSC) to remove or correct their erroneous online posting about VITA and come to the table to work with government and industry on evidence-based regulatory efforts for the category.

To this end, Daniel David, President & CEO of VITA, said today: “VITA understands there is continuing debate on vaping products and smoking alternatives, however we have to draw the line when blatantly false statements about VITA’s structure, funding, and membership are publicly shared. The generalizations from PSC are inaccurate. Our bottom line: we seek to ensure that adult smokers, current adult vapers, policy makers, and public health officials understand the harm reduction potential that vaping offers to over 4 million adult smokers, of which approximately 45,000 of whom will continue to die every year from smoking related diseases.”

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