A LANDMARK report from a United Kingdom-based harm reduction organisation has shed light on the alarming need for tobacco harm reduction efforts to be scaled up, particularly in getting more smokers to switch to better alternatives.

These alternatives, known as safer nicotine products (SNP) include vaping devices, heated tobacco products, and pasteurised oral snus. They are less harmful to their users, resulting in improved health and fewer deaths compared to traditional cigarettes.

But despite numerous studies pointing to the benefits of switching from cigarettes to SNPs, the report from the Knowledge Action Change (KAC) in the UK found that a mere nine out of every 100 smokers are SNP users.

According to the recently released report, titled “Burning Issues: The Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2020”, some 100 million people use SNPs around the world. The majority, some 68 million people use vaping devices.

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The Sun Daily – march 20, 2021.

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