Vermont’s new 92% e-cigarette tax took effect this week, with some worried it will ultimately increase the number of smokers.

Vaping taxes have become an all too common part of life for vapers across the US, with legislators often content to tax them at the same rate as cigarettes. Despite the clear and obvious reasons vaping and smoking should be treated differently, some lawmakers have taken that sentiment too far in the wrong direction.

Vermont passed a hefty 92% tax on vaping earlier this year, which officially took effect earlier this week. Unfortunately for vapers, this means the tax on vaping products is almost twice as high as the per pack tax on cigarettes.

Vaping advocates have blasted this backward logic for giving clear incentive for vapers to switch back to cigarettes. Vaping and smoking may appear outwardly similar, but research shows their relative risk is vastly different.

Regardless, many anti-vapers still consider this new tax a victory for making e-cigarettes much more expensive. It’s unclear what sort of impact the law will have outside of Vermont, but as discussed when the bill was first passed, it will undoubtedly lead to many small business closures across the Green Mountain state.

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Jimmy Hafrey – ChurnMag – July 2, 2019.

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