Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine believe a virtual reality video game could help young people quit using electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.

Yale medical researchers have developed an “immersive, virtual reality video game” that helps teens and young adults about the harms of e-cigarettes. The game intends to help these individuals learn practice strategies for learning to refuse the use of these products. According to a media release from the Yale School of Medicine, the use of electronic cigarettes is still on the rise among youth. Citing outdated data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the researchers developed the study to believe that these trends are still in place and that video gaming could change minds.

“When teenagers think of vaping, they think of JUUL,” says Veronica Weser, the research scientist for the in play4REAL XR Lab within the school’s Department of Pediatrics. Weser is also the lead researcher in this study. “They don’t make the connection to nicotine and the harmful, addictive nature that e-cigarettes actually present.”

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Michael McGrady – VapingPost – 2021-08-06.

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