Vaping Illness Tracker: 1,299 Cases and 31 Deaths

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state agencies have reported 1,299 lung injury cases and 31 deaths linked to vaping. The rising case count includes both recent cases and earlier pneumonia-like cases that are only now being recognized as related to vaping. Chart shows hospitalizations as of Oct.

No Action Taken on Request to Lift Massachusetts Vape Ban

There were fireworks in the courtroom Tuesday, but not because any progress was made. The attorney representing six vaping companies who oppose Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s four-month ban on sales…

State court temporarily stops Whitmer’s flavored vaping ban

Gov. Whitmer to seek Supreme Court ruling following temporary block on vaping ban

House lawmakers increase pressure on the vaping industry with two hearings Wednesday

Advocates, researchers and health officials will testify in two separate hearings Wednesday, one before a House appropriations panel and the other before an Energy and Commerce subcommittee.

E-Cigarettes Went Unchecked in 10 Years of Federal Inaction

A decade after Congress gave the F.D.A. the power to regulate tobacco products like e-cigarettes, the federal government has repeatedly delayed or weakened efforts that could have protected teenagers. In 2009, not long after Dr. Margaret Hamburg became commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, a package arrived at her home.


Congress Wants Answers on Who Sent Millions of Pro-Vaping Posts From Bot Accounts

The House Energy and Commerce Committee and the Massachusetts attorney general’s office are investigating exactly who spammed millions of bot posts promoting e-cigarettes while downplaying or misleading viewers on its effects on human health.

CDC | Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with E-Cigarette Use, or Vaping













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