E-cigarettes manufactured by large companies may soon dominate the US vape market while many of those produced by smaller players disappear, new research by ECigIntelligence suggests.

Exclusive analysis of submissions to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – seeking permission to continue selling vape products – shows there were many hundreds more applications for the simpler disposable and cigalike devices than for open system hardware.

Typically, disposable and cigalike products come from large companies such as tobacco manufacturers, while open systems are produced by smaller specialist businesses.

Of some 200 open system brands available today, only about 30 have filed premarket tobacco product applications (PMTAs) to the FDA for marketing authorisation, which will be necessary for them to remain on sale. Even if all are approved, that disparity implies that about 85% of open system hardware brands will soon be removed from the market.

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ECigIntelligence – 2021-07-12.

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