One day last year, when I was working as a medical case manager at the Colorado Health Network, which operates a syringe service program in Denver, I was dismayed to see a poster on the door that echoed “Just Say No” propaganda. It read:

“I find strength within myself. Not inside a pack of smokes. As a community, we’re not ones to give up easily. After all, we overcome bullies, battle intolerance and fight for equality every day. When it comes to quitting smoking, tap into that strength.”

Quitting smoking can be a great thing to do. But was it right for a harm reduction program to proclaim abstinence from nicotine as the only way forward?

Around that time, staff were also asked to sign an agreement that we would not smoke, vape or use smokeless tobacco products within 25 feet of the building.

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Kevin Garcia – FilterMag – 2021-07-28.

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