A recent US study carried out by researchers at West Virginia University, explored cigarette smokers’ concurrent use of combustible and smokeless tobacco products (SLTs).

The study titled, “Cigarette smokers’ concurrent use of smokeless tobacco: dual use patterns and nicotine exposure,” looked into the patterns of dual users’ product use and nicotine exposure on days when they used cigarettes exclusively (single use) versus days when they consumed both cigarettes and SLTs (dual use).

Forty-six dual users (cigarettes and SLTs) recorded their product use behaviours in real time via ecological momentary assessment for a 2-week longitudinal design, answering questions related to situational factors (eg. location, mood) using this same diary. Moreover, they collected saliva samples each night for later cotinine measurement, and at the end of the 2-week period, they reported their reasons for and beliefs about SLT use.

The compiled data indicated higher cotinine levels on dual versus single use days. The number of cigarettes logged was higher on dual versus single use days. Product use was distinguished by situational factors, with the strongest predictor being location of use.

Read full article here.

Diane Caruana – VapingPost – 2021-03-30.

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