Media Hit Job | Hydroxychloroquine (Pt.1) | Day #6 COVID19 Lockdown

*Get ready to think! (8mins)

Starting in the earliest days of the lockdown: why do the mainstream media attack each and every potential drug treatment for Coronavirus? Why has the MSM waged jihad against hydroxychloroquine? Is it just about Trump or something more? (Part 1 of our coverage)

This video is clipped from a RegRant episode streamed live on March 19, the same day President Trump first touted hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for COVID19, and also the same day the MSM launched their attack against all promising treatments.

RegClips by

Length: 8:45
Released: April 19, 2020
Org. Stream: March 19, 2019


Protecting the Lie | Sports Shutdown | COVID Chaos #1


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