The Federal Government’s decision to push ahead with a prescription-based model for nicotine e-cigarettes has the potential to slow the vaccine rollout and entrench a black market for vaping products.

Australia lags most of the developed world in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine and is well short of its own targets.

By the Federal Government’s own admission, Australia’s vaccine rollout won’t gain pace until October – the same month it was supposed to be completed with much of this work falling on GPs.

It therefore makes no sense that at a time when GPs and pharmacies workloads will be massively increasing, the government will be forcing 520,000 e-cigarette using ex-smokers into GP waiting rooms to obtain a prescription for nicotine.

The time of GPs and other health professionals is precious and finite, so it really must be queried if having 520,000 ex-smokers who are not sick and have already quit through vaping, is the best use of a their time, especially during COVID.

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Deborah Jackson – – 2021-08-03.

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